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Would you be so kind to tell them,
That only because something looked right
doesn't mean it's right.

Like watching a movie,
sandwich on our hand,
lemon fizz on the others.

A snap and we're in the great hall of nothingness,
so quiet, so eerily quiet.
Until ten thousand cubic water falls from its ceiling in three seconds.
Drowning our rationality, stealing control of ourselves.

Gasping for air that never there,
Struggle for anything but calm.
Jarring noise on your head,
Empty stares of the Abyss.

Scratching our head till it bleed.
It's a plague. It's a disease. It's a no no.
It's a joke. It's an attention seeker. It's abnormal.

So then be quiet. Be hush hush.
No, don't tell them. Because it won't make sense.
It'll be mumbo jumbo. A live show.

As theirs are valid, then ours too.

Until you are too tired to struggle,
and yet standing still.
Breathing your precious thirty seconds,
but never a second give up.

Can you please tell them?

Photo by Ben Blennerhassett


by Folie

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