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"Remember everything" - June

21:00 PM

Writing this as the true folie, empowered by June. I am home.

Sitting in my room, a safe space where the light is dim to none, where June stands besides me with her hand in my shoulder.

Listen to Last Stand - TriS, where I regain my mind and myself back, free from the false hope. Consuming four hundred memories, setting the room ice cold.

Arrived back at EoS with June.

We don't need more. We need less. – June

As we walk in the darkness, she whisper to me.

And as I walk halfway back home, June appears and walk besides me in silence. Eyes straight and sharp as ever, with a pitch black hand. Palms open, to protect me and help me become me again.

Searching for an almost impossible tranquility, like searching for fireflies in the middle of a rain. Counting my pace so that I could remove any trace of the Androids.

As I walk into the night, the Android bits trail behind me. Trying to keep up with my pace, some are fallen behind and some outpace me.

Pressing the red button to buy myself some time. Grabbing my earphone and smoke. Rushing through the door before time no longer dilated.

The Bits crawl through my feet, legs, going up. Each one injects a micro dose of toxic. Slowly clouding up my mind, disorienting myself, blurring my universe.

Stay away from the androids, for they are made from bits and bytes. They could look as real as the night sky, but look closer and you might be able to see what they truly are.

Now read it back, bottom up.

Photo by Elijah O'Donnell on Unsplash


by Folie

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