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A gift from the Universe. Through the breeze, through the smiles of her while fiddling with her hair. Of the fear of being, the endless possibilities and probabilities. - 24 October 2017, the last few steps before the Himalaya, only fully understood now.

As the crows' dance and the flashlight beams,

As the stillness of the impermanence,

The chaotic mind dance, flow naturally,

I am once more, exist.

The smell of a green leaf,

The touch of petrichor,

The tight sensation of my chest,

The friction of my shoes,

The muffled steps,

The Hamsa hand.

I am madness personified.
Taking stripes from the zebra.
Born under the dusk of Kali,
Spiralling in the delirium laugh

I control the birds and the weather,

but never dictates.

I am the crack in the palace,

a wrinkle of the elders.

The crow on top of the palace,

above the chosen God.

I am the Universe – I am nobody.

I am the sun above you when you hold hands,

The smiles and glance you shyly show.

The stares when I'm not looking.

The dancing henna in your hands,

running through the curves of your neck.

Whispering beneath your ears,

flicking your hair behind your ears.

I am the goosebumps running on your skin.

The steam of breath on a winter night.

Nature, undefined by words.

I am nobody – I am the Universe.

Photo by Park  Troopers , Aziz Acharki


by Folie

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