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At long last, I made the trip to a barbershop. Holding myself from going to a public place for the fear of Covid-19 has left my hair as messed up like a bird's nest. I didn't went to where I ordinary cut my hair, and opt for the closest one in my location. Turns out, it would be an interesting story.

The barber routine was the same: you book an appointment slot, they ask what you want, and proceed cutting your hair and trusting your life to the barber who holds razor to your neck. I was skeptical about the result - because I never went to this place before. I didn't take much effort to explain that I want very neat undercut. At least I could think that I am part of the Peaky Blinder's gang.

I showed him a couple of pics as reference, but still he'd asked me "what do you want". He asked me how short I want the cut be, how the top cut should looks like. Other than giving him a reference, I asked multiple time of his advise. Instead of giving me advise, he asked me what do I want. After few failed attempts of asking advise, I just told him: just cut my hair please. I'd instruct him to cut more, trim here and there as best I can do to get that very neat, badass cut.

30 minutes passed by, he wash my hair, do some brief head massaging and it's time to see the final result. To my surprise, it's even better than my usual barber.

Walking back to my car, I couldn't stop thinking: how on earth did he managed to do that? And why haven't people heard more of him? As a comparison, the barber that I used to go to is a well known barber in the social media. And then I understand what differs them both.

One has excellent skill, but lack of clear communication. Other has great communication skill, and less of the actual cutting.

The one thing that separates them, is how people perceived them, through how they explain and describe various cuts. The flashy, known barbershop in town (and in instagram of course) has a beautifully designed pages. The description of who and what they are is appealing and easy to digest. In the end, it's all about communicating and creating public perspectives, which they do well.

In the end, it's not about what you can do, but how you explain yourself. And that is huge and not so easy task to do. The one thing that often holds me back. Just by thinking about it would make my heart racing, but it is what it is.

I supposed I should put more effort into it, doesn't matter how many countless fear my head create. We gotta learn to control our fear, and just make that jump from the cliff.

Photo by Nathon Oski on Unsplash


by Folie

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