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Living a live of purpose is like drawing in the sand, inside of the ocean. Sometimes the water gets murky and you will have to wait for the water to clear up so you can see clearly the ocean bed and continue drawing.

Like the water, our mind is constantly distracted by many things in life that often saturates our judgement and ability, and the way we clear it is through sitting still and doing nothing, letting all thoughts passed by without any judgement, until you're fit once again to draw.

The art doesn't happen overnight. Instead it's full of murky waters and challenges both from our minds and from external environment we can barely control. Success is not when we can do progress five days in a week, rather being able to constantly do progress over time, even if it's just a small percentage of our time. Being able to do things we proud of once every week is not a failure, it's a success.

Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash


by Folie

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