I don't think there's good or bad in this universe. Everything is about perspective. The world has its own way to balance even the most extreme situation, in its own time. We judge something as bad when it doesn't give us benefit. Likewise, we assume something is good when it benefit us. None on this world is truly good, nor truly bad.

There's a time when I wish I had a 'normal' childhood. An alternate universe where I can pass my childhood as other kids would have. You know, the one filled with playing around, exploration, and plenty of love from both of my parents. Obviously it didn't happen.

And even if it happened, I would be entirely different person now. The pain of surviving helps me gain ability to stand on my own from early age. I would not sitting here writing this if it's not of the young folie. So there's this constant battle about what ifs, a dangerous game to play especially if you play it in your mind. 
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