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Ten years ago, I worked on A pharmaceutical company as a network admin. Being work on the area that I loved the most and the fact that it was my first full-time job, I am more than happy with what I am.

See, I came from a less fortunate background. So, the fact that I have stability and money to enjoy a weekend with my girlfriend at that time is everything to me. I got a stable job, a promising career in a stable company. I could have been promoted in a few years. Maybe become a young director if I work hard.

I would spend my weekend baking cheese potato with skin and pizza hut style chicken wings and spend the rest of the evening tune to Discovery channel. A perfect life.

Until one day, I decided to bail on it. I was smoking on my smoke break on that afternoon. I wasn’t stressed out or anything. In fact, I was perfectly content when I look at the sky and ask a seemingly simple question: I wonder what’s beyond the sky?

Undoubtedly, another city. And then another country. Beyond the sun sets, there are Europe and America. And then another question arises: what are people doing there? Working. Changing diapers of their kids. Socialising. And then another question pops. And another. And another until I can no longer comprehend the concept.

The questions become too deep and become philosophical questions. I put out my cigarettes and head back to my office. But the idea, the idea never leaves me from that moment and roots deep in my very core.

Why am I here?

Years after, wckd is born as the personification of the idea. wckd is an effort to help people understand themselves better and helps them reach their life purpose — help revealing one’s purpose.

How should I create wckd? I have no idea. Yet.


by Folie

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