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I've been feeling brain dead for some long now, and after much unsuccessful attempt of meditation and calm session, I know what's been missing from my life. Chaos. That's right, it seems I just happily throw myself into chaos and utter madness.

Zen and calm and good thoughts just don't work for me. I'm more into dark-zen and organized chaos and walking on the edge. It makes me alive when I'm creating and learning stuff like I was few years ago. So why not starting over? I mean think about it, doesn't our happiness comes from the time when we struggle and prevail?

This song inspires me to do this

So, I am trashing what I know, especially in work and life, and starting over. I did close my business services (and very anxious about it) and this time I'll just do the opposite of what I've been doing.

This blog is my journal on how I rebuild everything from scratch (work blog would still be separated at rock paper scissors). The list that I need to do:

  • Setup proper blog.
  • Link it to the endless tools of digital marketing.
  • Setup social media and figured how on earth I can manage it without spending 24/7 of my time on it.
  • Make a consistent brand of all social media and blog (things like pictures and banner images)
  • Start actually post pretty much all the process here.

That's just the beginning

Or the beningging hehe. Ahem. So yes that would be the beginning since the point of all this blog is as my journal in creating Arch Ego. So on top of that there's this:

  1. Seriously learn how to code from scratch.
  2. Make an app. Many useless app that the sole purpose is to train my code skill.
  3. Also learn how to make proper video (because why not?).
  4. Make the shit. For God sake, start the wckd

*I am sure that the list above👆🏼 will expand into hundreds other thing in no time. I'll update this post again when it comes to that. Or not. Maybe I'll just do another post. We'll see.

It's exciting to be alive.


by Folie

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