Sitting silently on the room, trying to calm myself. Repeating Calm Down by Selena Gomez just because it feels like there's someone calming me down without ordering me to calm down.
Palms as cold as ice, mind as fast as a lightning.
Stiff shoulder and neck.

The song move to Tom's Diner by AnnenMayKantereit, of how beautiful the story is. Closing my eyes to imagine what it feels like to be in the diner. Imagining a life without sudden instability out of nowhere.
At this point, I no longer cry. I tried to, but not a single drop of tears come. I stared at the mirror, only to see nothing but emptiness. I know that at this time, the only thing I can do is to wait. Wait for the storm in my head pass.

This is one of countless, but each must be faced even it takes everything from me.
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