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We all have that place where we could be our true self, where we could be bare naked and feel most alive. This, is our space.

At this space, no word is out of limit as no words could ever truly express the depth of our world. No idea is too wild, nor any colour is better.

This is a world full of kind monsters and blasphemy, obnoxious thoughts and tricky nonsense. This is where any idea set to roam freely without boundaries.

A world of both tales and untold stories, without a definitive line in between. Some are true, some are not, most are maybe. Fragments of timeline and pieces of puzzle fill the universe, where each can be both enlightening and disorienting.

A fair warning to you, my dear reader. Not everything you think is true and not all that is true you can think of.

Welcome to the wicked world of madness and chaos.