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Five mineral nuggets, of two furnaces. Forged by fire and hope, in a promise for a better future.

The first two nuggets are the symbol of strength and calamity. No matter what terrible events ahead, the two mineral nuggets should be protected. "Handle the two carefully, for they are the ones without a guide", says the blacksmith to the guild. So the guild protects the two nuggets hand by hand, polishing them year by years until it becomes precious stones. Ruby and a diamond.

The guild is satisfied and proud of themselves, still protecting both the iron and the steel.

The last two nuggets are symbols of hope and peace. No matter how awful things turned out, the two should also be protected. "Handle both very gently, for they are fragile," says the blacksmith to the guild. So the guild protects the two nuggets over the years. But unlike the ruby and diamond, they turned out into garnet and turquoise.

"I don't want a turquoise" shout the blacksmith to the guild. "I know my minerals, it's not supposed to be turquoise! It must be because of the other mineral!"

Turns out, it becomes a turquoise because of the third minerals. At least that's what the blacksmith said.

The blacksmith had accidentally put dangerous things in the same chest as the third mineral. As a raw mineral, the third was exposed to ugly things and becomes toxic.

An obnoxious thing. Something that damages the blacksmith two other treasures.

For years, the blacksmith and the guild mourn over it. Even after they grew into a precious stone, the blacksmith holds them dear to ensure no calamity ever touch them again. The valuable garnet, and the fragile turquoise.

In the land where people treasure bright shiny thing, the blacksmith convinced the guild that the turquoise must be protected because it's broken. That is all because of the third. The toxic. The mercury.

The mercury doesn't belong to any guild, nor does belong to the blacksmith. As if one crack in the past undone each and everything of the future.

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

There's no place for the mercury in the bright white world, so it wanders through the darkness, deep down to the melanic kingdom. Through the fire and ashes, leaving memories of the colourful world bit by bit, moment by moment.

Until it found the forge of all forge, where the mercury threw itself into.

Photo by fazil abi on Unsplash


by Folie

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