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The Madagascar almond sat in the middle of the terrace when we created our studio years ago.

It would fill the void in front of bare bricks and the small pond. In no time, it grows steadily and soon becomes the living embodiment of our studio.

As time goes by, it would serve not only to fill the void aesthetically but to give life to others. From bugs to insects to caterpillars, it’s a home for many. Absorbing sun and water bestowed by the Universe upon it, it grows thousand of leaves to protect each cocoon from the sun and heavy rains. Until each becomes a beautiful butterfly, continuing the cycle of Universe.

The tree would become a universe of its own until the balance was disrupted. In one spring, hundreds of caterpillars swarm the Madagascar Almond and all trees and greens near it. Soon the caterpillars invaded inside of the studio and the human defensively exterminate the caterpillars by its source: cutting down the Madagascar Almond, the cocoon house itself. The tree is cut down in half, leaving only the main trunk without any leaves. The tree is dead.

And so are the studio.

The RPS Studio was built with a great purpose with a high price, but it was too naively operates.

It takes more than a hard skill and soft skill to maintain balance. It needs everyone in the team to be grateful for what they have, and keep it together with the very best of them. It requires a great attitude, an open mindset, and a pinch of faith. And without those, it doesn’t matter how smart and resourceful one is, there will be no balance.

To close it without any sadness would be to deny your own child. But as sad as it could be, it needs to be closed to prepare ways for another great thing.

Just before the Madagascar Almond were about to be replaced with another tree, a sprout emerges from the branches. The tree might seem to past its time on the surface, but life blooms underneath. Its roots crawl and bind the soil for miles, absorbing the mana from the Universe. And from it, a new tree will born.

And so will the studio.


by Folie

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