About: WCKD

This site is for you, one that had enough so much that you'd be willing to change.

No matter how much content you read, how much videos you watch, it all would be nothing without the drive to change.

The drive is different for each person. It could be drive to be better financially, drive to be better in mental health, relationship, or anything.

Perhaps you're fed up of how the world treats you. Maybe you had one too many times where you can't stand your own reflection. Or a dysfunction relationship that does not gives you value. Whatever it is, that is the core drive that makes you move and do something.

Wckd can only go so far as providing you the core and basics to change that. And what we provide, is a mealy speck in the total amount of effort you will do to change. You, and only you, will be able to actually drive something for yourself. That doesn't mean you'll walk alone. Our purpose is not to guide you, but to accompany you along the way.

Like any friendship out there, we will argue, we will fight for our disagreement. And that's okay. We are all a different person with different perspective, and yet we are all in the same boat that is going toward the edge of this so called life. That what makes us one.

And so, your journey unlikely will start and end here. Along the way of living the very best of your life, you will find multiple guides and friends. Allow us to accompany you at this moment, whatever your stage is.

Let's do this, you and me, for a better version of you.