About: WCKD

WCKD is a framework for a sustainable lifestyle. We do not have any preference for specific lifestyle choices. You could pick slow living, or fast living and you can still be sustainable about it.

We focus on optimizing the resources that you have, to achieve sustainability over your chosen lifestyle, whatever it is. By resources, we mean your mind, finances, and time. These are three interconnected variables that affect your pace towards your goal.

Life is a series of mini projects. From graduating college, find your purpose in life, build a business, start a family, have kids, retire, or achieve your dream. Each needs resources and a proper plan. Our task is to help you optimize your resources to reach your goal.

P.S: Each article here will be written twice. First as a brain dump, and second as rewriting after the fact check & editorial are done. If you see an incomplete article, do visit again next time to find the final version. This is done as a part of our way to get it done.